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The photographer and freelance graphic designer Helmut Kraus lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. His passion for sailing lead the studied philosopher to the themes of his photographic works. Already in adolescents years windsurfing opened the world behind beach and pier for him and influenced his sensitivity for the inimitable beauty of the sea.

His characteristic Maritime Photography portraits the constant change of rest and motion, warm and cold as well as color and monochrome as a subjective concentration of the mood experienced at sea. This photography opens the world behind the mere seeing.

Helmut Kraus composes his photographic seascapes with an almost infinite variety of lightning effects, color nuances and contrasts. He leads the observer into limitless landscapes made of water and sky, light and color. Not only in the liquid element, but also in aged hulls of ships he traces an unique beauty. Fading artworks, created from the forces of nature and perpetuated through the camera.
The remarkable works from Helmut Kraus invite to linger meditatively in the landscapes and surfaces, to feel the peace and power of nature and to discover the essential and original.

Helmut Kraus presents his current works in the four editions SeaScapes, SeaSpirits, VibrantWater und ShipSides.
The photographies are available as high-resolution textile print with or without LED background lighting in a limited edition at Wallstyle or as lambda print on Dibond behind acrylic glass at 2K Yachting.

“My camera’s lenses are used as subjective instruments. With them I make my view of the world comprehensible for others.”

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